Back in August I was really lucky to get to collaborate with a series called 'Illustrated Tapes'. Illustrated Tapes is a fortnightly project of curated playlists/mixtapes by illustrators, designers and artists who also create the playlist artwork. The project is run by Sam Ailey, a friend of mine who I met through The Pretty Picture Club


I was so eager to get on board with this project that I hit Sam up to beg him to let me take part. Luckily he agreed to let me contribute a playlist and artwork - thanks Sam!

Once I received the details from Sam I got to work - I knew my playlist would go live at the end of August so I wanted my tape to capture the feeling of Summer coming to a close. I started by putting together the playlist and once I was happy with that, I made a start on the artwork. 


I started off with the roughs above. I had a general idea of what I wanted to make so I roughed these up in Procreate, which is quite unusual for me. I normally start in my sketchbook but this time the artwork just kind of tumbled out and I wanted to get it all sketched out before I lost the idea!

I ended up settling on the rough on the left and made a start. For this image I worked in Procreate on my ipad and started fleshing everything out. It went through a few iterations before I was happy with it. 


Once I was happy with the image above I then transferred my image from Procreate to Photoshop to start adding some texture. 


You can see the difference in depth that you get from simply adding texture! 

Once I was finished, the final illustration was then sent over to Sam who added the Illustrated Tapes branding and voila! 


As part of the collaboration I was also interviewed on some interesting topics which you can read at the following link as well as listening to my playlist! While you're there, you should also check out the Illustrated Tapes website and all the other awesome playlists and artwork in the series:

Illustrated Tapes 014 - Megan Reddi, Nautical Dusk

Illustrated Tapes Website

Illustrated Tapes on Spotify