A Little Bit Sketchy - Inside My Sketchbook (Summer 2018)

21 Sep 2018

Hello internet! I started my blog with the best of intentions but as ever, life and work got in the way. I've been working hard and have lots of exciting projects to eventually share, but until I can show them off I thought this would be a good opportunity to post some pictures of my sketchbooks. 

So, these are all the sketchbooks i've been using this spring/summer...


(The big one in the middle is my main one, with the little hardback one for travelling and the others for specific projects)

'Main Sketchbook'

I've been really getting into using POSCA pens this summer. They're super bright and easier to use on the move than paint so they're a good option for when I'm feeling lazy!


I've also spent a lot of the summer just making different marks and patterns. These were done with some scrap emulsion I had bought for my house.


The next lot of patterns were done with a mixture of POSCAs, ink and emulsion. 


I find sketchbooks really important not just for planning out drawings/compositions for projects but also just as a way to warm up/relax outside of illustrating for work. A lot of the following illustrations are just ones I made for the fun of it, as warm ups or as relaxation at the end of the day. 



'Travel Sketchbook'

I also have a mini sketchbook that I use just for when I take long trips. These were some of my favourite 'travel' sketches from this summer (you can see that they're mainly landscapes and scenery - that's because I was on the train travelling through the countryside!)


'Personal Projects'

I also keep individual sketchbooks for personal projects and little ideas that I want to keep separate from my main sketchbooks (I was really into tortoises this summer - can you tell?)


I did a lot of other sketches and roughs that I haven't included here, but these were my favourites. I'm going to try and make this sort of blog post a regular thing so hopefully I will post some more sketches in a few months!